Top 5 Trumpet Recommendations

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When you are a musician who plays the trumpet or has an interest in doing so, you may feel lost looking for the right trumpet for you. There are many trumpets on the market, which can seem overwhelming. Beginner’s trumpets are great when you are just starting out, and there are also great trumpets for…

A friend of mine bought the Prelude TR711 Bb Student Trumpet and was really unhappy. She had to take it in for repair more than once, even in the first year. She was told by the school it was an ok beginner model but she and her daughter totally disagree. They found depressing the buttons between this vs other models tried later in store very noticeable, much harder on the TR711. A youth learning using a model that doesn’t respond to touch well? Doesn’t sound right. They upgraded just after a year with it. Based on their experience it’s probably worth it to spend the bit extra at the start. No one wants their child to give up on music because of a bad first experience.