Tightening Up Your Sound: The Best Woodwind Ligatures and Caps

Originally published at: https://hearthemusicplay.com/tightening-sound-best-woodwind-ligatures-caps/

Woodwind ligatures and caps might be small components, but they have a big effect on how you sound when playing a clarinet or saxophone. The right ligature can make sure your reed stays snugly in place while you play, and can ensure you cleanly hit the high notes in your performance. A great cap will…

Question I hope someone can answer: I have a vintage sax, with the original mouthpiece. I have been told time and again, nothing sounds quite as good as using the original mouthpiece, and that Im quite lucky it came with it. I did buy a newer one for daily use, but use the original when I really want the sound perfect. Problem, the ligature is quite old as well and Im doubtful it’s as tight as it should be. Is it best to use it as it? Or, mix a new ligature with the original mouthpiece?