The Best Saxophone

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Adolphe Sax grew up as the son of Belgium’s chief instrument maker. Before he had graduated high school, he already had made an ivory clarinet and two flutes. He then moved on to reinventing the modern trumpet. He invented the first saxophone, an instrument that he referred to simply as the bass horn when he…

I think these are all great Sax’s to recommend, except for one main issue my friend has with their Yamaha YAS875EX.
On the right hand key stack the springs seem shorter and arranged a bit differently than other Sax’s we’re used to. This has impacted the snap back in a less than ideal way, in our opinion. Still a great instrument - but I definitely wonder at the change and why the makers decided on it!
Something to keep in mind if anyone’s considering the YAS875EX, give it play though and see how it feels to you.

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With the basic errors in the beginning of this article I cannot imagine anyone trusting the actual list. The baritone saxophone is an Eb instrument an octave lower than an alto and not Bb. Additionally, the soprano saxophone is a Bb instrument an octave higher than a tenor and not an Eb. A bit of basic research would have been useful and simple.

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