The Best Lap Steel Guitars

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When Ben Harper or David Lindley plays slide, they inevitably choose to use a lap steel guitar. That throaty, moaning wail of notes from records like Harper’s, Burn to Shine and Lindley’s playing on Jackson Browne’s, Running on Empty has a notably different slide sound than when played bottleneck style. Lap steel guitar is played…

Interesting to see the Eastwood/Airlines in here. While they can be decent (for the price) ones priced on the low end can have some workmanship limits. Yes if you like that style they do look pretty cool, and sound ain’t bad on them all. I enjoyed the Wandre especially. Had some fun with that one and it wasn’t troublesome.

Terribly written article. Who fact checks this stuff. And if a Morrel is your #1 pic then you don’t know much about lap steel quality.