The Best Drum Amplifiers

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It doesn’t matter how good your electronic drum set is unless you have a great amp to showcase all its power and versatility. It is crucial to get a great amp that is strong, and that has great sound quality. You also need to make sure your amp is highlighting your electronic drum’s good points,…

I’d like you to look at another. While it’s *technically," not a dedicated drum amp. It works VERY well.

I have a Roland TD-25KV drum kit and LOVE it. And just as I’d dinner when I was looking to get the kit, I researched and researched and even more research.

I ended up buying the Mackie Thump BST12. It’s got 1300 Watts of drum thumping power. It works very well as a drum amp, but I didn’t want a “one trick pony,” when I bought it.

My wife and I host a lot of group parties, the groups are getting larger and a home stereo type setup just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Enter the Mackie Thump 12BST. Light weight, lots of power, expendable and built in Bluetooth connectivity. Multiple modes, such as music, music+bass (for adding an external subwoofer), voice and more. It’s got 2 1/4" input jacks and XLR to Daisy chain to another amp / speaker.

But let’s talk electronic drum amp for a bit. Even at low volume (home practice), the highs are crisp and they lows thump and shake. At higher volume levels, you lose the “click clack,” of the electronic drum kit as your hits bring the drum tones out in clear, clean, crisp notes.

With it having built in Bluetooth, Mackie when has their own app. You can adjust the eq, change modes, volunteer levels and more.

Specs, Mackie lists them as 1300 ways Max, but you don’t really find the RMS, which I figure it’s around 600 or so. Mind you, the internal amp is splitting it are about a 70-30 70 for the 12" woofer and 30 to the tweeter.

But let’s get back to price point. MOST of the amps in the review are under $300.00, which is great for the budget minded drummer. Since the 12BST is around $400+ you’ll spend more, and get a bit more versatility.

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