The Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Strings are the one item that acoustic guitar players will need to continuously purchase to keep their music makers up and running. While a pack of basic strings only costs a few dollars, the accumulated cost of restringing an acoustic guitar leaves many musicians searching for a long-lasting, quality product that they can continuously depend…

Good call on the Elixir Phosphor Bronzes. I’ve tried a lot of string but stick with these most of the time now. Tried the Martins, Daddarios, and a whole list of others. I find the Phosohor Bronzes just that much more flexible. Feel good and the comfort is good. They last and hey, 6 in a box. Coating doesn’t take away from tone far as I can tell. Sound is right on. Glad to see the article saying that really its all personal. Have to find what works for you.