Best of Both Worlds: The Baritone Horn Buying Guide

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Do you need the perfect baritone? Look no further than the King 2266/2268 Artist Series Baritone Horn, which has the right balance of sound production, responsiveness, durability, and price that every serious player should look for. If you are not sure this is the instrument for you, try the Yamaha YBH-301S Series, which is more…

Not too much clarity on the best ones for Marching. A little review, from my opinion:

Yamaha: Only one with a large shank mouthpiece receiver. Easy to control in the lower register. Overall good tone. I do not feel they equal the projection of other available. Often the baritone of choice for high school marching.

King: Light-weight baritone all-arounder. Tone suffers and stuffy in the low register. Intonation’s not that solid. Used by high school marching bands mostly due to low price and being light.

Dynasty: Great tone and projection. May have intonation problems, and the low register isn’t great. Also
common in high school marching bands.

Kanstul: I like this one best. Beautiful tone, projects well, and blends as needed into the ensemble. Excellent intonation. Too bad not many high schools use them as they’re nearly as heavy as marching euphoniums and cost.

If your price conscious and can’t go Kanstul, depends what you prefer: If you like tone over low range go for the dynasty. If the large shank receiver and overall satisfactory is more important, the yamaha. My two cents!

Jupiter 730 is not a compensating horn, I play one in a street band, while not as warm sounding as my older Conn bari, it’s a lot lighter to handle being in a mobile band and projects really well. I can also get to higher register better, like on a trombone. I’ve played a Yamaha 301, the Jupiter sounds clearer and less stuffy than the Yamaha, it’s better value but the metal can dent easy on the Jupiter. (Yamaha made better but didnt sound better to me for outdoor playing) jupiter price varies widely online, so do some research and contact music shops as some will price match. It would be an excellent starting instrument as the intonation is good, and a student can grow with it, sound wise, never buy the cheap models like Lark from China, or India (selling on eBay) Lark had terrible tuning especially the 3rd valve.
I really like this little Jupiter, also an option as a travel practice horn, ‘mini’ tubas are a bit of a gimmick