25 Songs with a Saxophone Solo to Die For

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The saxophone is a beautiful and versatile instrument that is used in a wide variety of musical genres. In the past, famous jazz saxophonists like Stan Getz and Lester Young dominated the music scene, but in the intervening years, the saxophone has worked its way into rock, hip-hop, and even country. The tones that you…

Good 25 song list with sax emphasis but you left out two of the most enduring and beautifully haunting sax solos from Spooky and Forget-Me-Nots

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I still think #41 Dave Matthews Band has a killer sax solo!

I think that the sax solo in main street by Bob seger is a pretty good solo. At least as an honorable mention.

I like: Gato Barbieri-Europa.

Great list🤗
I would like to add Italian song from Iva Zanicchi - Il tempo passa and Chaka Khan&Kenny G. -Beautiful

I would add :
Hazel O’cconur - “Will You”
(From the album and movie soundtrack “Breaking Glass”)