14 Mistakes to Avoid with your First Guitar Purchase

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I have been playing the guitar for years, but I was one of these beginners that made some mistakes when I purchased my first guitar. The neck of my guitar was too long, which made it more difficult for me to play. Over the years, I have learned from my mistake, so I decided to…

I agree with most of your points on this article, however I do have a few differences of opinion on some points.
For example placing a price range on a beginner’s guitar. My point of view is this. In the event that the beginning student decides to stop playing guitar for lack of interest or whatever, you don’t want a lower priced guitar that isn’t going to sell very easily. How many people have that lower priced guitar setting up in the attic? A quality instrument has better resale value and is a more attractive item to sell.
Also if you believe that you get what you pay for, that quality guitar you just bought will play easier and sound better - which will encourage the beginning to want to play more.
I would also encourage anyone starting out to ask a qualified luthier to recommend a good instrument to start out on.
About strings, putting too light a string on a guitar that has had heavier strings on it does change the tension on the neck. If this is done, I’d highly recommend a truss rod adjustment.
Thanks for reading. This comes from my own “school of hard knocks”.

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